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A focus on preventive dentistry helps you maintain the highest standard of oral health while limiting dental expenditures.

When you step into Herring Family Dental in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll know you’ve found the perfect place for your family’s care.

Volumes of research confirm the influential role of smiles on our relationships and our self-esteem.

Dr. Herring’ background in restorative dentistry allows him to develop solutions for every scenario.

Wisdom teeth, extra teeth, or very crowded teeth present situations that may mean treatment involving removal.

Oral appliances offer simple, non-invasive care for a variety of conditions.

Orthodontics involves teeth straightening and jaw alignment, combining beauty and function.

You can experience dental treatment in a comfortable, customized approach with several different methods of sedation.

Dr. Herring uses 3D scanners to create digital models, simulate Invisalign outcomes, and digitally place implants all chairside!

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